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released October 31, 2014



all rights reserved


UNREDD Konstanz, Germany

UNREDD is a brute as well as emotionally charged modern metal band, which sound is influenced by various current genres of metal.

What UNREDD creates and plays is a very unique, a very energetic and prominent sound, that instantly shows the listener that he came here for more than just a few breakdowns.

UNREDD. 5 musicians. Creativity. Heart´s blood. Emotions.
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Track Name: Heartless
I´m gonna be fine

You said i´m gonna make it
You said i´m gonna be be fine

What did you think I should do
Crying out for a shelter
needing you here
you´re not here

Eyes cried out in desperation
No shelter, no more fucking home

Three different hopes turning into hell
Where should i go from here?

I´m scared (have I lost you)
My heart is begging on it´s knees
I know (I have lost you)
My head is so sincere

Where are you you´re not here
You are not here

Remembering the love you gave to me I ask myself


I´m scared (have i lost you)
My heart is begging on it´s knees
I know (I have lost you)
My head is so sincere

As I look down on those words that I wrote
remembering the love you gave to me
I ask myself

Am I the heartless one
Track Name: Disease (feat. Motschi)
Fuck your high-handed suppression
Fuck your racist beliefs
Fuck your goddamn lies
We wont take it anymore

Burn them in their shelters
Let them choke on their lies
Burn them in their shelters
Let them choke

Religion is the disease in humanitys brain
Cut it out
Cut this disease out

Watch your house of hatred and lies collapse
As you keep spreading your words
Out to the world

As your savior rotts away
Ashamed of what you made him stand for
Crying about what you men stand for

(Burn them in their churches, let them choke on their lies)
Track Name: Lovesong
Life was great and full of grace
when i`ve seen it for the first time
This gorgeous smile on your face
How could i expect
This beauty makes me fall

How could you make me feel despair
recognized and anyways just turned your fucking back

You told me we were friends
The question I have is
Is tearing down my heart
What a friend does to a friend

I think about this time
One of the hardest i´ve been through
You never gave a fuck
seeing me bleed like it's cool

Like it was cool

I´ll never know
If it was cool
For you my friend
Will you ever repent

You fucking cunt

But all this pain
Was just another step to make me grow
Now this is what I am
Look at me

There´s no more sorrow
No more sorrow

Fuck you!

Thank you so much
for breaking me
After all of this
I am the strongest person

I could ever be
Track Name: Your Death My Hands
So you think you´d get away
So you think that I won't find you any fucking way

Now I am here dressed in black
going to take your worthless life away

I´ll rip your guts out
I´ll make you bleed even more than this soul of mine

Please, please
Your eyes keep begging to my face

Painted in the bloody red of your sins

Your eyes keep begging
As they are drowning

A smile on my face
Your heart is beating
In my bloody hands

Bitch please rott
Track Name: Ambivalent
Anywhere but here
Anytime but now
I'm breathing you in
I'm breathing you out

Oceans of tears awaiting me
Seas of blood left behind with you by my side

Wake me up (Let me sleep)
Leave me here (Take me away)
Beeing awake (Beeing asleep)
Running away (Holding the Line)

Looking forward (Seeing nothing)
Looking back (Seeing it all)

Fighting the shiver
Rushing through my soul
Feeling cold and empty
Trying to stay clear nothing but emptyness
Fills my clouded mind

Stunned and erratic
Sad and secluded

Remembering what happend
When dreams were real and realitiy was blurred

Going mad is the answer
When things go sour and nobody is there for you

Taking the blade soothing the pain

Cut it through (Let go)
Hang on (Slump down)

Last chance to get things straight
The end comes closer
Every breath I take
Darkness fills the light

Ease replaces anxiety
Down in the stream of the orcus
Just let me go