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Our first full-length album. Made in selfproduction.


released April 10, 2017




all rights reserved


UNREDD Konstanz, Germany

UNREDD is a brute as well as emotionally charged modern metal band, which sound is influenced by various current genres of metal.

What UNREDD creates and plays is a very unique, a very energetic and prominent sound, that instantly shows the listener that he came here for more than just a few breakdowns.

UNREDD. 5 musicians. Creativity. Heart´s blood. Emotions.
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Track Name: Alpha
Sense it setting your lungs on fire
Feel it letting your body break loose
See your mind painting the most colorful pictures
The unforeseen depth, your thoughts enable you to wander through

Let it hit you as hard as you can take it
Let it consume every single cell in your organism
Let us be the canvas to our very own masterpiece

Facets build and tell the stories of our lives,
Make each and every single second and day
Part of the process we step through
Some days seeming as heavy as earth itself

Let it hit you as hard as you can take it
Let it consume every single cell in your organism
Let us be the canvas to our very own masterpiece

Feel it dragging and tweaking
Feel it constantly sucking your body dry
Feel how your mind keeps on taking you to the
darkest places you´ve ever been
You´ve ever been
Feel the unimagined depths that all of your cogitations got lost in
Got lost in

Hate facing tenderness
Love facing devastation

Feel how it sets you free
Track Name: Entangled In Chains
There is no tomorrow
Where I stand here in my head
I can´t escape the fire
Consuming me, my world, my love

I just can´t seem to escape from myself
My demons, the´ve bound me to these chains
Here in in a darkened room, darkened room

I wanna see the day
I wanna feel the light
Kiss my lips, touch my soul
I wanna break free from this shit
All I want is to be me
All I want is to be free

As I sit here in my head all alone
I see the fire on the horizon
Reaching towards me, stretching out it´s hand
To release me from these chains
Release me from myself

Please save me

I won´t be held back
From what I know haunts all my thoughts
I´ll be fighting, dying
For what I know that I can be
For this warm light
My eyes can finally see

I won´t be held back from myself
So this goes out to these demons
That bound me to these chains
I´m gonna see the day, I´m gonna feel the light
Kiss my lips, heal my soul
I am going to break free from myself
Track Name: Archvile
People in the streets pass me by
Their lives touching mine for a scent of a second
I´m wondering, is this feeling just inside of me

There is something pulsating under my skin
Trying to take control of my mind
A darker side, living in me, living in you
Fight it with religious words
Fight it with your inner strength

But still this archville is waiting for it´s chance to break loose
Every single day, every single second

In a society controlled by fear and consume
We hide him deep inside of ourselves
Never to come to light we keep him down in a box
Locked down deep, away from the light
We are eaten alive by what we hide inside

Is this who we really are
Is this what we were ment to be from the start
The animal inside, leaving you in a sea of blood
So destructive, but still so easily to be released
All it takes is you, beeing afraid

I know, this archville lives in all of us, just waiting for the chance
To be freed from the chains, holding him behind the mirror
He´s inside of us
Track Name: And Back
Eaten up by all my insecurities
Just a shell of the man actually beeing me
Crumbled down by the weight of loss and regret
The grabbing claw of a past making a mouse a man

Now i sit here as it calls me back
All the anger, all the pain, all this weakness
Is it a set thing we never get rid of our demons

What if it was all just black and white
Would it be easier for me to deal with
Would it erase all the questions i don´t even want to know the answers to
All my thoughts I want to share with you
The many times thinking about everything you sacrificed for me.

It´s bashing through my restless mind
My lungs want to scream to your face for eternety
My heart wants me to lay down in your bossom
Let it all flush away, tear by tear by tear

I´m so afraid of not beeing able to forgive you
I´m so afraid of losing the ability to ever let you back in
I´m so afraid

There is no perfect life to be lived

I hope one day I will find the strength I need
To stand before you without these feelings of bitterness and letdown
Before it is over, before it is too late
Track Name: Reaction
I see you laying in the rain
Craving eyes holding on to this
This last little bit of breath i left you with

To keep your lungs breathing
To keep your nerves feeling
Now it´s you beaten on the ground, red from your blood

Now I am the master, you are my slave
Now I am the master, you are my slave

For every tear cried out in vain
For every sleepless night
Every scar you left on my damned soul

As the blade slowly finds it´s way through your skin
My vision is blurry, nothing feels real anymore
Nothing but an animal, commanded and trained to kill

I´ll take your rotten soul away
I´ll make you feel all my pain
I will make you feel what you´ve done to me

Tell me how can you even look in the mirror
How can you not be haunted at night

Tonight´s the night I´m sending you back to hell
Track Name: X
I find myself walking through those dark valleys
Filled with the disgusting stench of bodies, smoke and endless screams
From the people whose shoulders weren´t strong enough
To carry the weight of the damnation brought over them

By the greedy and overwhelming few
Baring their teeth, sensually feasting in their power
Sitting in their castles in the sky, safe and sound
Watching the matches burn that feed their desire for more

I see myself losing my mind in this overshadowing dark
Not having the strength to face the venom firestorm about to hit
Even the deepest circles of hell can´t catch up with the sight of
The masses beeing slaughtered away for nothing

Maybe we are all just made to devour our own existence
Maybe all of our beeing was just for the final moment
When we wave the white flag high out to our self-centered world
As kiss our loved ones goodbye, once and for all
Track Name: The Journey
Do you remember the start of a friendship
Built on the bricks of life
Lost in the fragility of our souls
Carrying so many stones together
Always looking forward
Always stoked for what is next

Willing to take every risk, every chance
Willing to take every straw
Just to rise like the phoenix from the ashes

The reality hits you harder and harder
As you grow older and older
This life gives you shot over shot
This journey never ends

The reality hits you harder and harder
Makes you grow stronger and stronger
This life gives you trap over trap
This lesson never ends

Joy is what we take it with
We keep on wearing our scars with pride
So thankful for every lesson learned
So grateful for every expierience we´ve shared

So this is the question burning in our minds
What else is out there, awaiting us
What gifts and snakes will this path throw in our way

The reality hits you harder and harder
As you grow older and older
This life gives you shot over shot
This journey never ends

The reality hits you harder and harder
Makes you grow stronger and stronger
This life gives you trap over trap
This lesson never ends

We will know when its time to face
We will feel when its time for the next step to take

If it is just one thing that we´ve ever learned
This journey, this lesson never ends
Track Name: Yellow
He´s observing every single one of your steps
He senses every feeling you´ve ever felt
He´s always around you
Around me and all our surroundings

All of them dreaming on in their divine but hollow phrases
From the heavenly discharge and perfection
But do they even notice
That the underground has been decamped for a long, long time

He governs every single one of our steps
We´re nothing but keen slaves to our fictive prosperity
We were beaming with joy
When we´ve inflicted it to ourselves
And let it be our very own path to hell
We are killing ourselves

What else is supposed to happen
Until we finally see the signs in the sky
What else is supposed to happen until we conceive
The ground beneath our feet is becoming too fragile to stand it
I´m afraid we are about to take our own lives away
just for comforting the demon

We better be afraid, we better be
Straight into the grave we march blinded by our insanity
Let him have you
Let him consume you
Track Name: Blind
Never will we believe all the lies that you spread
Never will we follow the false signs that you used to set
Never will we stop asking you why

How can we be so blindfolded
Facing the evil end of our time
The claw of hell is everywhere around
Leaving our hearts dying on the ground

How much more murdered children does it take
How much more do you think this world can suffer

All of you looking towards the sky, beaten and frightened
All of you drowning in reality, all of you know
Hell is everywhere

Running towards the darkness
The road paved with the graves of our loved
We march blindfolded into the abyss
Straight into the abyss
Track Name: Blood
I wish I could judge you for the things you did to me
I wish I could hate you for the ocean you sank my heart in
Every lie from your lips like pulling the ground from underneath my feet
How could I become so weak for this

I lost myself in the web you spine
Drowned my soul just for your fucking comfort
Just for your fucking comfort

You take the easy way out
Burning everything around you to the ground

You knew that I will be
Consumed by the fire you set
Down to my bones and flesh

You´re still the one chasing me through my sleepless nights
You´re still the one showing me the bitter ending of my sweetest dream
But now I know that the devil slept next to me
Disguised as an angel

No more will you be the ghost that haunts me through my sleepless nights
No more will you be the monster that keeps on chasing me through my restless hours
That´s done

So here´s all you need to know, take it to the heart
You´ve pulled me up the highest I´ve ever been
You´ve brought me down the lowest I´ve ever felt
You taught me my lesson
The most precious one I´ve ever had
I have ever had